For the entirety of our existence we have been first cradled by the pelvis. The pelvic region is a complex and multi-faceted storage shed that holds our own personal geography and containment or liberation. Now is the time to normalize the conversation around pelvic health and everyday issues that occur in the pelvic area as well as empower ourselves and other women to step onto a path of physical, emotional, and sexual wellbeing.

The Empowered Pelvis offers educational and empowerment opportunities in multiple formats - multi-part workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements. Our intention is to lead the conversation on a subject that has been overlooked in modern society with evidence based research and a multiple discipline approach. The Empowered Pelvis is currently available to women attendees, however we plan to open up some future offerings up to men as well. We feel this discussion is of value to everyone. Become part of the conversation and sign up for one of our current offerings below.

Upcoming Events

The Fall 2019 Empowered Pelvis 8-week Series will commence September 25th!

If you would like to reserve your spot you can go here! Or, reach out to us directly to discuss your payment plan. Our payment plan consists of a $100 deposit and then the payments can be spread out over the course of the event. Use the code, ‘payment plan’ when signing up and we will contact you directly. Due to the small nature of the group we will not be issuing refunds on the deposit should you change your mind.


Kind Words from Past Attendees


Empowered Pelvis Faculty