My intention is to help you function at your highest with ease and comfort.

This form of therapeutic bodywork is tailored and individualized to the client’s needs. When I work with a client it is initially to address a need such as working on hip pain, or releasing a shoulder so we can have a better golf swing, or helping balance out a pelvis after surgery or childbirth. Once we get to our happy place we have maintenance sessions. Additionally, I offer stress relieving full body work and often recommend that to compliment therapeutic work.

True healing takes time. It is important to find the right healing based on your specific needs and preferences. If you are looking to stay as high-functioning as possible and see the body as a whole, and someone who believes that self-care is part of longevity than we are a great fit.

I am inspired by and study bodywork in different modalities and context. I mentor under anatomists, rolfers, physical therapists, and I have studied yoga for 20 years. The human form and movement are truly a passion of mine.    

If you would like a consult or have a question beforehand please feel free to contact me.


THe Living Arts Center

412 West Olive Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521